The X-Files: Season 10 (2016) Episode 1 Review

X-Files: Why would a world war start on a Friday?

The X-Files cannot be separated from Mulder, Sculley, Skinner, the FBI and a conspiracy of aliens to take over the world. In the new season of the X-Files, we meet Mulder as a retired agent, and Sculley as a surgeon’s assistant. And we meet a new guy who makes a bold entrance as a new character in the first episode – hint: tv announcer. The word “back in the day” is repeated like 5 times.

To say that The X-files starts off slowly is an understatement. Maybe the director understood that is was a long time before we saw the last season, so he tries to explain everything. In the end at times it looks like a documentary of sorts – but there is one actor who carries it through when everyone else is struggling to establish themselves – and that is Mulder.

There are scenes in the first episode that don’t make sense at all. What does Obama and NSA stuff have to do with aliens and alien technology? That is human tech we all understand. Secondly, why does Scully not wipe blood from her neck and shoulders after surgery?? She looks weird – like a psycho. And lastly, why does…hmm..let me not reveal what the government does….but it sure looks stupid until Mulder explains to everyone in black and white. And the special effects are still 90’s ish. Flying saucers in the age of drones?

The good this is there is pace in the episode. Mulder faces real danger and looks Sculley in the face admiting the same. The issue at stake is immediately set to be saving the world. And we see a glimpse of the bad guy smoking a cigar (who never loved this guy?) but this time he looks eh…wacha tu.

After sending humans to the moon, sending a robot to Mars and have an international space station running fulltime, logic tells us that, we, humans, are the aliens who will ultimately conquer (proper word should be colonize) alien life. Avatar was right, human nature is the problem. The X-Files is stuck in the past. Someone slap this series back into reality.


Oh, and by the way, why does World War 3 start on a friday in the X-Files?????

They could have done better – especially in a season opener. Take for instance the recent remake of 24. Now that was awesome. Mulder could have gone rogue and in deep cover, Sculley could be married to an alien…but hey, how else can we know unless we watch episode 2?



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