What happens when you mix a ridiculously curious fairy girl (Fawn) with dangerous animals? You get the fabulous Tinkerbel and the legend of the NeverBeast, a great looking animation movie perfect for kids.

Set in Pixie Hollow, we meet plucky fairy Fawn whose specialization is animal studies. She takes her passion to the extreme by often bringing “dangerous” animals in her attempt to study, and even befriend them with such novelty and naivety that we are often smiling every time you see her working out how to hide the next “beast”.

Enter the NeverBeast…is it a dog that can fly? Hmm…

Her adventure in discovering, hiding, and saving Pixie hollow with the NeverBeast is a tale well told with excellent animation graphics, on point jokes and drama.

Rated 6 out of 10 (Suitable for Kids)

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