I, Tonya (2017) is a movie filled with flashes of hate, an extremely bad parenting example, some of the most stupid hitmen you have ever seen and probably the worst married couple in a film. Yet it is based on a true story – which makes you wonder: is life that bad that movies “make us believe” in fake superstar driven lives, yet our real lives are the disasters we are living, like I, Tonya?

This movie has really nothing going for it. Everyone has their own story, starting with Tonya’s mother who is a bad ass mom. You can see her pushing her 5 year old daughter so hard to train that when she pees on her herself, the mom goes, “you havent finished your move yet”. Like, what the?? Nothwistanding the most slaps you will ever see in a movie…people slapping each other left right and center. The one key person who gives a clear head in all the drama gets divorced – and loves hunting (killing animals).

There is no worse dysfunctional family than this. Yet it clearly shows how bad people attract bad people….and when you are in the mix of all the badness, like Tonya – a telented figure skater who has a chance to win gold at the olympics, the badness drags you down, willing and unwilling, like a stone in a driver, only way is down.

There is no love story in this movie, no violence that makes sense and no supporting cast who are not violent and stupid. It is an all around disaster, yet that humaneness gives it some authenticity….these are poor ordinary folk faced with an opportunity for success, and they bungle it up big time. Povery is not just born with you, it is a mental attitude. You have to change it.

Will Tonya succeed? Check out the Oscar nominated I, Tonya trailer below.


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