Top 5 Breakup Movies To Sooth Your Broken Heart

Review by James Maina


Top 5 Breakup movies

Relationships can be tough, but a breakup is the hardest part of all. For most, you usually have to readjust after having spent so much time together with your ex…even the word ex sounds new, and the emotions are too much of a roller coaster.

The best way out if you really can’t handle it? Breakup movies! They are the best way to see how others have gone through the same drama (or even worse!) and come through unscathed with a happily ever after ending, that is if the movie is any good, at least to make you feel better.

No.5 Movie: 500 Days of Summer, Release Date: Jan 17, 2009

There is nothing worse than discovering you have been in love with someone who is just not into you the same way or level as you are. On the other person’s side, you get a good time and when its over you just carry on.  That’s the dramatic premise of 500 days of summer, about a young guy who falls in love with a office workmate but just 500 days later can’t understand why they broke up. Love is more than just you, it’s other people too. This movie is 100% on point.

Why did they break up?? Someone please tell us.

Most Painful Part?  She marries someone else

How does he move on? He realizes the difference between Reality vs Expectation.

No. 4 Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Release Date: April 18, 2008

What is the absolutely first thing you do when you have a breakup from a particularly tight long term relationship?  Definitely one of you moves out of town or there is some drama in the news! John Segel, the star of How I Met Your Mother, gave us this awesome performance about a guy, Peter, who has been dating Sarah for 5 years.

How do they break up? Sarah comes home and hits him with a surprise announcement. Peter is in total shock! Poor guy did not see this coming!

Why do they break up? Peter sort-of took Sarah for granted, so Sarah dated someone else

How does he move on? After several one night stands where he realizes that sex doesn’t solve his issues, Peter decides to go to Hawaii on holiday, where eventually he meets someone else, and this time, handles everything the right way.

No. 3 Movie: High Fidelity, Release Date: March 28, 2000

OK, so you had a breakup. Then you thought you moved on and had another relationship only to face another breakup. So you said you will not date again, you somehow find someone interesting and bang, you are in another tricky relationship with a predictable breakup on the way, after which you move on to another town and what, you meet another girl, get lost in love and before you know it, bang on the head, you are through!

That’s dramatic but Rob (John Cusack) in High Fidelity is a lot like that, especially after dating one wrong chic who takes him down a rabbit hole of a relationship. Talk about a rough relationship!

Why he breaks up so often? He clearly has issues

What should he do? Get married! He does a proposal of a lifetime in this movie

No. 2 Movie: The Breakup, June 2, 2006

Jennifer Aniston has done some awesome breakup movies. Someone of them are truly memorable, like when in Bruce Almighty she breaks up with Bruce after his ego becomes God for a short time…that was funny and still had lessons for men on how to treat a woman. Next is Friends, where she breaks up with Ross. Who didn’t cry – and laugh – over that breakup!

But her best movie on breakups is Titled The Breakup. This movie is focused on one thing and one thing only: The Breakup. So if you are going through a breakup and don’t know how to handle the funny situations that come out of it, this is the movie to watch.

The best part in the movie is that the couple shared a house and each refused to move out. Despite their friends giving them all the dirty tricks to drive the other spouse out of the house they still stay together.

Sometimes the best way to get through a breakup is to stick together despite the bad feelings. Like for example the movie Joy (2015) where Jennifer Lawrence lives with her divorced husband because “even though i don’t love him anymore, he is a good friend”.

No. 1 Movie: Music and Lyrics, February 14, 2007

The breakup could have been no.1 but i felt that my all time favorite movie deserved the no.1 spot despite it not being about a breakup.

High Grant plays a musician (Alex) who meets a cleaning lady (Sophie) as a standby cleaner for his house. It turns out Sophie writes music lyrics, and a relationship between “music” and “lyrics” is born.

Unfortunately they break up, and for reasons as human as any other, and to get back together they have to concede some ground. Don’t you wish breakups could be like this in real life?

Will they get back together? After watching this movie you should watch all of Drew Barrymore’s and Hugh Grant’s movies that turn out to be full of breakups….and makeups! Talk about a rush.





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