Grab some popcorn, some coffee and some pizza or anything else edible for a movie and check out the below Top 5 movies to watch this weekend.

  1. Serenity(2019) – A beautiful beach, a grumpy fisherman with a grumpier assistant, a billionaire’s wife who wants to kill her husband and at the center of the story,  a passionate race to catch a fish so big you can’t reel it! Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway team up to make Serenity a mediocre movie worth watching.
  2. Dumbo! (2019) is a Disney movie that feels, looks and does everything a Disney movie does. It feels like an animation from the start, has a very imaginative story line about an Elephant that can fly, and kids who form part of a circus but don’t perform yet….the story is really Dumbo! but its a great movie for kids. Let them watch this one.
  3. Green Book (2018) – This movie was voted the BEST PICTURE of 2018, so if you haven’t watched this movie yet, you are missing out on some special movie time. Based on a true story, its about an African American guy who hired a racist italian nitwit to drive him across America’s racist south to do concert performances in 1962. The storyline is wierd, and the realization that its true is even more wierd, but, after talking to friends in the states and finding out there is still “white america” that black people can’t just drive across in 2019, it makes you think. Very emotional. Very simple. Very captivating. It’s one of the few movies that deserve the Oscar award in my humble opinion. Check it out.
  4. Brexit (2019) – Are you tired of seeing and hearing of how the British are making fools of themselves doing a messy brexit. Even former Prime Minister Theresa May cried on the world stage and NO ONE APOLOGIZED to her. Politics is brutal. Yet, it turns out that the world didn’t know who actually made Brexit happen. Apparently, according to the Brexit movie, it wasn’t the voters, it was one guy. Dominic Cummings. Who??? Find out who this mastermind is by watching this awesome performance by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch. You might start to understand the Brexit mess.
  5. Us (2019) – Lupita Nyongo has an accent! Really???? After you get past that “fact”, you will realize that Us is a very though provoking, interesting, well thought out, and fascinating HORROR movie! Yes, its a horror that is actually funny. You might find yourself laughing in shock. This movie bends the mind. Definitely worth a watch at night with the lights out and the neighbors indoors.
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