Top 5 Movies To Watch This Easter

Jesus is the foundation of Christian faith. He was God’s son according to the Bible, and was sent on earth to save man kind. However, His entry, exit and re-entry events in to the world were the most profound of His life, such that today, the world most celebrated holiday is Christmas  and the second most celebrated Holiday is Easter.

Easter is a whole 4 days of relaxing, from Friday to Saturday, perfect for binge watching. So this Easter we recommend the following movies to watch this weekend.

1. Star Wars: The force awakens, Where to Watch: DVD

Now available in DVD, this is the biggest selling movie in the US of ALL TIME. It is bigger than Titanic, Avatar and the rest. It is on its way to become the biggest selling movie of all time. So if you haven’t checked it out this is best time to get updated and see what all the fuss is all about.

Some good things about the Force Awakens is that it was made by my favorite director JJ Abrams, who zeal for capturing emotion – and not useless CGI – makes the best movies and TV series (from Felicity, to Alias, to Lost to Mission Impossible III). This director is no joke. And just to mention, again, our own Lupita Nyongo features in this movie too! But her character is a CGI character…will you be able to identify Lupita?

2.  Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Where to Watch: Movie Theatre

All the major theaters including IMAX Nairobi and Nyali Cinemax are screening Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice a whole 2 weeks in advance before it is scheduled to be officially released. That is a sign of how popular this movie is, or more realistically, how strong the demand is to watch it. The latest i checked tickets were going for as much as Ksh. 1,200 at IMAX and that must be a reflection of demand – even Star Wars The Force Awakens was not charged that much yet it was immensely popular.

So if you can take your friends out for an awesome action movie, this is it.

3.  Marine 4: Moving Target, where to watch: DVD

Remember the old school “ma gani” thing where everthing was a simple story with a single star and a lady in distress, followed by gunshots all over the place and no nonsense action scenes from start to finish?

Marine 4 is a movie that know exactly what it is  – action – and delivers on the promise. If you want nonstop action this is the movie to watch this weekend.

4. Room, where to watch: DVD

Prepare for a chilling yet moving story from this Academy Winning movie Room. Have a handkerchief nearby as this is one truly well made emotional movie about a mother and a daughter trapped in a room for a long time by a criminal.

5. Alvin and the chipmunks: The Road Chip, where to watch: DVD

Sometimes Hollywood makes some crazy and funny animation movies out of this world. Whoever created Alvin and the Chipmunks deserves a pat on the back. This is one movie that’s good and funny for the entire family and it is an absolute rib cracker.

The perfect movie for Easter, when everyone is around.


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