For the love of Trailers

By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka.

Google describes trailers as advertisements for movies or programs. For some people trailers determine whether they will end up watching the movie or not. Considering that a trailer can either break or make a movie it is no wonder that some trailers are much better than the actual movie. This happens more often than it should.

A great example is the “Battle Los Angeles” trailer. It was well-done. It was creepy, intriguing with just the right amount of foreboding to make you want to watch the movie. The actual movie was a disaster. Boring beyond compare. In some cases, the movie is not horrible, but the trailer just happens to be better than the movie anyway. Like in the case of the “Man of Steel”. The trailer had all the attributes that a superhero movie should have; a message of hope and an introduction to a hero we could come to adore, but the movie didn’t deliver the punches as well as the trailer did. I didn’t feel hopeful after watching the movie, but I did feel hopeful after watching the trailer.

On the other hand, there are those trailers that are so badly done that it is pleasantly surprising when the movie turns out to be great, like “The Minority Report” trailer. Great thing the movie was great.

On that note, here are some really awesome trailers you should check out.

  1. Equalizer

I am a big fan of Denzel Washington, but this trailer is the only reason I watched this movie. Eminem and Sia might have also had something to do with it.

  1. In the Heart of the Sea

The movie was great, but this trailer was sublimely haunting. (Note, this is the 2014 trailer and not the one released in 2015). The V.O was magnificent and coupled with the music and scenes it was a thrilling preview for a great movie.

  1. Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Although the Hobbit is a trilogy, the third trailer is the one I love the most. It promised a glorious end to the phenomenal trilogy. I mean how can you hate a trailer that ends with the words, “will you follow me, one last time?”

  1. Legend

There are many versions of the Legend trailer, but the one that stands out among the rest is the one that had the least to say about the movie.

  1. Edge of Tomorrow

This is one of those trailers that was better than the movie.

  1. Avengers: Age of Ultron

I think it’s the James Spader Voice over that won me over. Pure genius. I don’t even like the current Captain America trailer as much as I like this one.

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