By Sheena M

Turu is back! “Back kama mgongo” in her own words.

This week, “The Real House helps of Kawangware” continue to show us that denial knows no bounds. Particularly the self-imposed kind.
First of all, Truphena denied that she was pregnant for the longest time. So much so that when Doc told her that she was pregnant, she appeared genuinely shocked. She had built up the facade for so long that she had managed to fool even herself!

Now her baby looks exactly like Bryo. At least this time we can see that although she’s verbally denying it, she looks caught every time someone says it. One can only imagine what will happen when Awiti finds out. It explains Bryo’s insistence at sending Awiti back to shagz (village hometown) to be with her infant child.

TRHK - Njuguna, Turu

The rate at which Njuguna is handing out his money, he’ll soon be broke all over again.
First he had to give 10,000 to Bryo so they could outwit Amina. Then, Onyi found out about him striking gold and is now on a 200 shs a day bodyguard payroll. Njuguna also gave some money to Truphena and Kaleyke out of the kindness of his heart. I’m not saying he should be miserly; I’m simply questioning his judgement when it comes to his finances.

On an unrelated note, I wonder…what happened to Tsipixi after the “kidnapping”? I know he was in this episode but there was no mention of it whatsoever.

Favourite quotes:

• “Kuishi na Makena ni kama kuishi na paka” ~ Awiti
• “Buy yourself some dignity” ~ Njuguna
• “Ebu fuata joke yako, ndio hiyo inatoka nje ya gate” ~ Kaleyke

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