#TRHK Episode 104: Get your drama on!


By Sheena M

Sometimes I wish I was good at spinning tales. Then I watch how ‘bended truths’ come back to smack you in the face like an elastic band and I quickly change my mind. That’s a lesson The Real House helps of Kawangware learnt this past week.

Episode Recap:

In case you missed last week’s episode, here’s the juiciest bit of information: Njuguna got robbed. This week, we confirmed the culprits in question were in fact Tsipixi and Kaleyke.
They made off with 12,000, all Njuguna had left, and promptly disagreed on how to split it. There indeed is no honour among thieves. Unfortunately for them, their squabble was overheard by Detective Juma, already on the prowl for the drug-dealing former MCA Amina. To wiggle out of that sticky situation Tsipixi and Kaleyke spun a tale of they got the money as payment for being rat hit men.

They even swore that if Detective Juma found anyone claiming to have been robbed, they would pay him double the current amount. Needless to say, Njuguna’s prayers or fate or whatever you want to call it led Juma right to Njuguna.

The drug peddling Njambi, Doc and Amina were involved in has caught the attention of Detective Juma – the same cop who put Amina in jail the first time. Njambi quickly ratted out Amina to save her own skin when confronted. Amina went to Doc for help but he basically threw her to the wolves. Little did Doc know that the crafty ex-MCA had recorded their conversation.

What I’m still not sure about is whether Amina really expected Doc to help her. Her fearful pleads sounded sincere. I have never seen that woman look so contrite!


I am not at all surprised that Awiti found her way back to Nairobi. Even scary Bryo wasn’t scary enough to keep her away. And it’s only fitting that the person who spilled the beans about Truphena’s baby was Njambi. Such a bunch of gossips, that lot!

Favourite quotes:

●“Rule no. 17: Kazi yote unafanya lazima uipatie jina serious.”
~ Tsipixi (Explains why he called the extermination job a hit man job)

●“Kuachwa na msichana sababu ya pesa haijawahi kuwa this sweet.”
~ Njuguna after Awiti left his house

●“Hiyo ni matusi umeivalisha mini skirt na ukaipaka lotion hivi?”
~ Detective Juma to Njuguna

The hilarious house helps of Kawangware air every Wednesday at 8pm on KTN. You can watch this particular episode for yourself here and here.

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