#TRHK Episode 105 Recap


Regular programming on “The Real House helps of Kawangware” resumes with this episode. It’s evident that the plot has moved a number of months forward. Either way, I’m glad they are back!

By Sheena M

Don’t you just love how the house helps and caretakers (Michi) sing out loud while they go about their business?
It is so true of the situation on the ground.

Since we are a number of months ahead, Truphena’s baby has grown. And it turns out the secret about the baby’s fatherhood is out. Which might explain why Michireti and Truphena are no longer living in the same house. And why Makena is ready to do some serious sweet talking to get them back together. After all, someone like Makena is clearly not excited about having a crying baby in her house.

The part I enjoyed most was watching Bryo being pounced by his baby mamas and Njambi. The whole episode, Awiti was looking for money to send back home to her mother, who if you remember, is taking care of the child she had with Bryo. But when she asked him for money, he was his usual harsh barking self. He quickly found out that he couldn’t push Turu around just as easily.
Power to you mamas!

Njuguna has apparently gone to Machakos. I hope he’s not going to be away too long. I miss him already!

We got to see the stern-faced Inspekta Juma show another face. Turns out he doesn’t have just one face after all! In his search for Tsipixi and Kaleyke, Juma ended up at Makena’s front door. And boy did the aspiring model confuse him! It was so funny watching him stumble over his words and practically drool at Makena. This is going to be interesting.

Favourite quotes – Truphena’s smart mouth

“Eish! Ati lemon tea. Hiyo si ni kama kuchemsha nyasi na mrenda?”
~ Truphena

Bryo: “Habari ya leo?”
Truphena: “Leo ni yule alishinda Oscar kama Lupita”

I didn’t tell all. Feel free to watch the episode below.

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