“Tulale Fofofo” by Sauti Sol x Mi Casa


Review by Sheena M

Ikibamba sana wapi nduru, oh-yee” has never sounded this good before!

There are many reasons everyone is watching the new Sauti Sol x Mi Casa video. Mine is that quote up there.

I don’t know whether it’s because it came out of J’Something’s mouth or because it was sang. Whatever the case, the moment I heard it, it sent pleasant shivers down my spine.

Kenya’s hottest boy band meets South Africa’s coolest House band in “Tulale Fofofo”. I am so glad “Tulale Fofofo” has a distinct Mi Casa sound. I think it adds to the unique flavour of the collaboration.

“Tulale Fofofo” is a club banger in one of the most tasteful ways a club banger could be put. It tells of the hype surrounding drinking and dancing the night away before going home to pass out.

The Mi Casa trumpet and Sauti Sol guitars made beautiful musical babies just like J’Something’s vocals and Sauti Sol’s. The video looks like it was shot in South Africa. That would explain the set location. If it was shot in Kenya, please let me know. I want to pay that place a visit!

Another thing I love about this song is the catchy chorus:

“Tulewe ndi ndi ndi, tucheze chini chini, tuende nyumbani, tulale fofofo”

Other highlights of “Tulale Fofofo”:

● J’Something winding his waist *fangirl scream*
● Free fashion shoot/show
● The delectable men busting South African dance moves
● Chimano dancing!
● Savara’s solo at the end
● Mo-T’s trumpet solo

Don’t take my word for it, watch it yourself here.

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