Vacation (2015)
Vacation (2015)

There are few movies in 2015 which are so hilarious and funny to such an extent that you will have tears in your eyes and cracked ribs at the same time! This is a R-rated family comedy starring Ed Helms as Rusty and Christina Applegate as his beautiful blond wife, with their two naughty boys.

Rusty works hard at one thing – making his marriage work. And he puts his best foot forward to make it work: Takes his family on a road trip to “Walley World” in order to spice things up with his wife and reconnect with his sons.

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What follows is an 8 hour journey where several things come to mind. First, this is meant to be a family movie but the kids do mention F words, so be careful about it. Second, the movie deals with middle class stupidity like buying cars we know nothing about, saving money travelling via road which ends up costing as much as a flight (compare cost of driving to Mombasa and taking a return flight via Jambo Jet) and Third, marrying someone whose past you did not know very well!

There are some characters who shine in this movie – like the cops who confront each other and make the police arrest system look so stupid. Chris Hemsworth totally comes out as a silly character flauting his ‘six pack’ to Rusty’s wife, and there is also a “handsome” but nasty show-it-all pilot who has a constant entourage of beautiful air hostesses by his side and constantly irritating Rusty by taking everything ‘that should have been Rusty’s’!

The movie also pokes insane fun at a lot of things in an intelligent way, leaving the viewer thinking, “wow…come to think of it, that is funny!” It has some moral lessons for parents on raising teenagers and keeping your marriage tight despite life’s many social challenges.

Rated 8 out of 10 for a solid story. Make sure you check out Vacation (2015) while you enjoy your Christmas Vacation.

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