Venom 2018 Review by James Maina


Venom is a most venomous movie. When you hear the word Venom, you would think of the poison of a snake in the real world…or in the movie world, probably the worst adversary to Spider Man. Venom the movie is about neither side and same side at the same time. It does have some fantastic action.

Eddie is a man who loses everything when he crosses the wrong people in power. A good man, he loses his job, his girlfriend, his house, and almost everything looks like it’s falling apart. Until he makes the ultimate mistake of following his instinct and investigating the very powerful people behind his misfortunes.

What happens next is a road down a science fiction movie, aliens and Eddie mixing up like a cocktail of fresh mango juice to create something….a creature that somehow Marvel makes the audience root for – you want Eddie to win, to survive, to win over the creature, and yet, at the back of our minds we realize that Venom is a movie about an evil character – one that eats peoples head for fun, taste and as food, one that looks at humanity as the lesser existence. What the directors try to portray is an evil guy/monster as a hero. And that is why the movie is venomous to the human psyche, more than even the title.

An evil person beating up an even worse evil person doesn’t make the first person good. Nor does it win blessings from the audience. I would have wished Venon to be contained, by Eddie’s heart and concience – like they tried to do – but they crossed many lines in their attempts.

It’s a wonderful action filled movie and if you can put the shock of a sexy looking monster chick licking the boyfriend with a massive tongue, then you will definitaly like this movie. I loved the action and hated the moral lesson of it all. I need an antidote – maybe it’s time to watch Bad Blood on Netflix?

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