Have you read the book or watched a Frankenstein movie? If so, you know about Frankenstein as mad scientist bent on creating a living being in his own image, with Igor is a hunchback whose job is to do manual tasks.

This movie is exactly the same plot we all know. Only that it is told in a more interesting way with intriguing twists in the tale. For instance, Igor is actually a genius himself!!! And it turns out, not a hunchback!

I loved the moment where everyone in the cinema exclaimed, ‘That’s Harry Porter!” – that was funny.

Given that the movie is about death and destruction, i think it has been incorrectly labelled as a horror drama. It feels more like a comedy…and on some scale, especially if you watched les miserables, you might get goosebumps from the feeling of extreme passion for the job to insanity.

I found it fun to watch, not very scary, and with a solid story well retold.

Rated 7 out of 10 stars.


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