Video Review: “My Darling” by Elani x Jose Chameleone


Remember the storyline behind Elani’s music video for “Milele”? Here’s a reminder if you don’t. “My Darling” is yet another tearjerker from Elani.

Review by Sheena M

Elani teams up with Ugandan music legend Jose Chameleone for “My Darling”. To be honest with you, I didn’t even pay much attention to the song – I was busy following the story behind the video.

“My Darling” tells of a promise one makes to their lover to always be there and to love them forever. And what’s a love song without an equally gushy music video?

Part 1:

That’s why it’s such a joy they created another video, just for the “movie”. Time to get out the tissues.

Part 2:

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