We are On Apple News

We are on Apple News!

We are on Apple News
We are on Apple News

BREAKING: Apple has today granted us the status of Publisher in the official Apple News app. We look forward to our movie and TV reviews being available worldwide, to billions of people using apple devices.

A special thank you to our very first contributor Camie Gitari and new contributors Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka and Sheena Mpungu.

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To become a contributor, just email you review of your favorite movie or TV series. If it is well written, has style and substance, we will publish it.

Contributors who email more than 5 reviews a week that get published will get a free movie ticket as a reward, and obviously we expect the review of that big screen movie.

If you love and are truly passionate about Movies and TV series, just email your review today to info@whatyouneedtowatch.com

For more info on apple news, visit www.apple.com/news

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