Westworld – a spectacular science fiction TV series

Review by James Maina


Westworld is a great science fiction TV series – a futuristic story about a western world with human like robots called hosts living a normal daily life where rich ‘real’ human guests come to enjoy their wildest fantasies.

In the art of computers, especially in artificial intelligence, if a computer can be made to be intelligent enough as to distinguish itself as a human being and a human being should not be able to distinguish the computer from being a human, then true artificial intelligence is achieved. Apparently in Westworld they achieved this test in their first year of operation, and given that the series starts 33 years after that, we are left to wonder at what level of intelligence are these robots now?

The gist of Westworld is that this “fictional” world is made of stories. Each character has a backstory that defines their personality and character, and there is an overarching narrative for each group of characters – it is these stories that the guests come to participate in. Things get really interesting when the hostsstart making their own stories.

Such a geeky back story should not deter you from watching the series. Westworld is full of violence, plenty of story lines and interesting characters and a twist in the tale in almost every episode. Most interesting is that the most engaging character is a prostitute who somehow overshadows the star of the series. You can’t help but smile when she bumps her IQ to max!

A word of caution: there is a lot of nudity so it is best to watch without kids around. Secondly, it doesn’t spare you the details of violence, so a head being cut is shown in detail and you may very often see people making out in all sorts of places in every episode.

The absolute best thing about Westworld is the realization that guests eventually discover their inner selves when they participate. Their true persona comes out. You get to question yourself, your likes, your motives, your love life, your reason for existence…you discover your limit as a human just watching west world.

There is a disaster though in Westworld. You sense a lack of direction with the key characters. There are unexplained things like flies that don’t get explained. And the biggest dissapoint of any TV series – when you root for your favorite character to escape and they do everything to escape only to change their mind on the very last step…urrgh!

A superb series to close the year. Rated 8.5 out of 10


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