One house, 3 couples over 3 different timelines.

Couple 1;  In 1963, Beth Ann ( Ginnifer Goodwin) is the ideal obedient housewife to her husband Rob (Sam Jaeger): She keeps the house in order, has dinner ready when he’s back from work, even refills his coffee cup automatically the second he taps it. Rob, however, is sleeping with a waitress at the local diner,a fact she learns on meeting her neighbor, Sheila. Sheila is a delight by the way(so are all Sheilas in the world). She is outspoken and doesn’t believe in the traditional housewife essence oozed by Beth Ann. She rides the roller coaster through Beth’s discovery of the Mistress (April) and plots to “get her husband back”.

Couple 2; The 1984 story line follows Simone (Lucy Liu), a wealthy socialite who, at one of their fancy parties, finds out that her husband Karl (Jack Davenport) is cheating on her with a man. Simone is charming,for lack of a better word. She is driven by how people perceive her and her “perfect marriage” given everyone else’s is falling apart around them.This leads her to letting her husband date the man he loves while she sneaks around with a 17-almost-18-year-old boy who falls madly in love with her…poor kid!

Couple 3;Then, in 2018, there’s modern couple Eli (Reid Scott), a screenwriter, and his wife Taylor (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), a bisexual lawyer, who have an open marriage. Their plot kicks into gear when both of them fall for one of Taylor’s partners, Jade (Alexandra Daddario). The minute Jade walks through the door, shady is all you can see. She slowly divides Eli and Taylor in miniature/mischievous ways that go unnoticed up until the tables turn on Taylor.

I love this show. I wish they did more than make ‘cheating’ the common denominator in all 3 story lines. Its written by the producers of Desperate housewives, which means high expectations with each episode.I don’t think they’ll be fulfilled,at least not in this season. All in all,its amazing.

Episodes; 7,will be complete with 10.

Ratings; 8/10.

Renewal; Not sure where it would go if it got one…

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