Wynonna Earp is a Supernatural Western that isn’t terrible but misses the mark on being ‘one of those great shows’.

By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka.

Wynonna Earp is the kind of TV show that I would recommend to casual TV watchers. It is dramatic enough to keep you interested but does not deliver the other aspects that make up its whole quite as well. For fans of SMART mythology, TIGHT dialogue, and ASTOUNDING fight scenes then Wynonna Earp is average.

One of the areas that Wynonna Earp is scarce on is backstory. There is a certain balance required when it comes to turning a comic, and any other written material for that matter, into a TV show. On the one hand, you have fans who already know what the story is all about – people who’ve read the comic – and on the other hand is an audience that has no idea what the story is about -people who haven’t read the comic. You see this is a conundrum that most TV shows do not know how to handle. The show has to provide enough backstory for a new audience to understand what the story is about while at the same time, keeping it interesting enough so that the fans who already know where the story is going don’t get bored. Delicate balance.

Without this balance, there is a chance that more than a few people will be left confused. The first incidence of confusion comes when Wynonna encounters a demon in the forest. One moment she’s afraid and doesn’t know how to fight this monster and in the next minute, she knows exactly what she’s doing. She starts by waving a log around and screaming and before we know it, she stabs her supernatural assailant in the eye. I am sure this scene is easily explained, but there isn’t enough backstory given in those few minutes for audiences to understand that fight scene.

Here is the thing, usually when it comes to movies or shows, people don’t care about the storyline as long as the fight scenes/action sequences can distract us from the illogical storyline. Take for example the recent “Batman Vs Superman” movie; it had so much meandering plot in the beginning with little to no action sequences that people noticed how bad the plot was. By the time, the fight began, it was a little too late. Another great example is “Fast and Furious”. I hardly ever remember the plot, but I can tell you exactly how amazing the fight scene between Vin Diesel and Jason Statham was and how new levels of ‘epicness’ were achieved when the Lykan Hypersport flew from one building to the next. No one cares about plot when the action sequences are that good, and the fight scenes in Wynonna Earp are nowhere near great.

And in addition to all that, the dialogue is at the very least, campy. The show’s saving grace comes from Wynonna and Waverly. Melanie Scrofano’s Wynonna is…let’s just say grows on you. Eventually! And her sister Waverly played by Dominique Provost-Chalkley is absolutely adorable. So adorable that she makes you wish the show was better if only just to watch her longer.

VERDICT: In summary, Wynonna Earp is halfway there because the show’s mythology is reminiscent of shows like “Supernatural” and “Sleepy Hollow” but for it to finally go the whole way it needs to improve on all the above. Wynonna Earp is still a young show that has the potential to become one of the great shows but only if they improve, just a bit!

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