X Company


Set during the Second World War, X company follows five ordinary people trained in extraordinary things at Camp X, an ultra-secret training facility on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Holding down the camp are Duncan Sinclair (Hugh Dillon, “Flash point”), the brains behind the operation, and Krystina (Lara Jean Chorostecki, “Hannibal”), the young woman who oversees the all-female staff at the communications facility.


But it’s the five agents who are the brawn of this endeavour. There’s Aurora (Evelyne Brochu, “Orphan Black”), a half Jewish-German, half French-Canadian undercover specialist who speaks three languages,Neil (Warren Brown, “Luther”), a British ex-copper who specializes in weapons and close-quarter combat, Tom (Dustin Milligan, “90210”), an American who has turned his advertising skills into the art of propaganda; Harry (Connor Price, “Being Human”), the brilliant young idealist of the group who also happens to be their radio operator and explosives guy and Alfred (Jack Laskey, “Hatfields & McCoys”), who has a condition called synesthesia, which fuses all his senses together, making him quite the asset as he has a near-perfect memory. They seem like superhero-like abilities, but the team can’t help but be a bit wary, at least early on.

Season 1 complete with 8 eps

Season 2 complete with 10 eps

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