Zootopia is the latest family animation movie from Disney about a young bunny determined to be a cop at all costs  – in a land where only hunters are cops, she would the the first ‘prey’ cop.  Seriously. She puts on the hard work and makes it to the land where anything is possible.

Zootopia makes some good real life comparisons: Zootopia itself seems to look like New York, even including a hustle by a sly fox.  Racism seems to be ever present in both color and speech. But the best thing about Zootopia is Judy’s positive attitude and relentless determination to succeed.

The animation is as good as a Pixar animation – perfectly made  – and the story is well told, full of action scenes and funny moments. Kids will definitely love this one and grown up kids will enjoy the deep thought provoking tones set in this movie. The best performance in this movie comes from Police Chief Bogo whose voice is played by Idris Elba. His performance should earn him an Oscar this year!

No wonder it has grossed 1 Billion dollars worldwide despite little marketing.  Kitu kizuri chachiuza

Check out the best scenes below in HD from Zootopia

Rated 9 out of 10 only because we cannot give it a 10.



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